Kindergarten Elementary school


Before class begins, teacher should understand the contents of the book.
Then, select Key word, Key expression, and Topic.
Print them out and make them into cards,
or write them on board and screen to use in class.


1. Cover talk!

Look at the pictures on the cover of the book and talk with the child.
Encourage the child’s curiosity by asking various questions,
such as the sample questions below.
In particular, make sure to include the process of expecting the story
through the cover.

Q. How many animals are there in the picture?
Q. What place do you think the characters are in?
Q. Shall we expect the story of this book?

2. Expect story!

Just read the first page or the front part, and expect what will happen next.

3. Warm up!

Use the prepared word cards to learn key words.


1. Read with our eyes and ears

Use the Auto Play function to read the whole book through the eyes and ears.

2. Listen and repeat

Hand over pages and talk about the pictures. Then, read the pages two or three times by dividing them into units of words.

3. Alternating reading

Play back from the beginning again.

1. Read with our eyes and ears

Use the Auto Play function to read the whole book through the eyes and ears. After reading, ask the students to talk about contents, character and so on. Please communicate actively.

2. Listen and repeat

Listen and read according to sentence unit. If a sentences needs intensive learning, click on the sentence to repeat it.

3. Alternating reading

Divide the students into two groups and read a book alternately in the sentence unit.

4. Read from beginning to end

Play back from the beginning. Read two times at the same speed as the audio. (Shadowing)


1. Work sheet!

Lead students to actively participate in the class
by using appropriate Work sheet.
Let’s download the Work sheet using the button below.
In particular, it is better to compare the results of each group
after dividing students into groups.

2. Quiz!

Give students the task of reading books again and solving Quiz at home.