Highlights Library uses the following reading skills to help children
succeed in their reading and learning.

  • Phonemic
    I Hear Words!
  • Phonics
    I Say Words!
  • Vocabulary
    I Know Words!
  • Reading
    I Know What It Means!
  • Literacy
    I Can Read a Book!

International Vice President

Andrew B. Shafran

Highlights Library is a great online extensive reading system for beginner to
advanced level young readers.
It consists of hundreds and hundreds of engaging stories from Highlights
and also powerful after-reading quizzes,
which is a very effective way for reading development.
The e-library is well known for its fast and easy service.
With its fascinating content and systematic learning management
systems, there's no better way to read and study online.
So young readers from all over the world, join us to experience being a successful
reader with Highlights Library!
Since 1946, Highlights for Children has been dedicated to helping children
become their best selves by publishing content and creating experiences that
engage, delight and foster joyful learning. Highlights believes children
experience fun and joy when they use their innate creativity, curiosity, thinking
ability and imagination.


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